If you’ve got kids or grandkids, you’re always looking for things for them to do, especially when there is little to no cost involved. There is such an event coming this Saturday in St. Cloud.  

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Life Church on Clearwater Road will be holding “Fun Fest” Saturday between 11 and 1. This is designed for you to bring the above-mentioned children out for a couple of hours and let them expel some energy. 

The event itself is free for your kids to participate in. There will be games and bounce houses. Blacklight Adventures Bazooka Ball will be featured at Fun Fest. Prizes will be available as well.  

The only costs will be for food items that are for sale. The money raised will go to an organization that helps kids who age out of the foster care system.  

According to the National Foster Youth Institute, roughly 25,000 foster kids each year become too old to be in the program anymore. And at that point, 20% of those 18-year-olds become homeless.  

Photo Credit: StCloudLife.org
Photo Credit: StCloudLife.org

There are other challenges for these kids as well. The chance they will be able to obtain a college education is only about three percent.  

There are many more statistics that I could share about the struggles those who become too old for foster care face, and none of them would probably surprise you. You’ll likely be able to learn more on Saturday if you’d like. 


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