ST. CLOUD - A north St. Cloud neighborhood is next in line for a major street construction project. The revitalization project is scheduled for next year for the Central Park and Pan Addition neighborhood.

The project for the area between 29th and 33rd Avenue North from BNSF to 9th Street North includes replacing all of the roads. The plan also includes installing curb and gutter where there isn't any. The city will also replace the existing sidewalk, and install new sidewalks along the streets that don't already have them. Three alleys will also be resurfaced. The sewer and water main will be replaced, along with the drainage system.

The total cost for the project is more than $3.5 million with the property owners being assessed about $1.3 million and the city paying the rest.

The St. Cloud City Council will hold a public hearing on the project during Monday's meeting starting at 6:00 p.m.