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The album 'Back in 72' celebrating  40 years since Bob Seger recorded and released this album and since then has become a very rare classic rock gem.

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'Back in 72' was never reissued since it's release date back in 1973 and even to this date bootleg copies are very difficult to find. To go as far as to say, "it's the rarest of rare albums" would be an understatement.

An album that barely could find it's way to the Top 200 released the songs, "Turn The Page", "Neon Sky" and "I've Been Working"  that have become a staple for live concerts and classic rock radio.

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Original LP Track List:

  1. "Midnight Rider"
  2. "So I Wrote You A Song"
  3. "Stealer"
  4. "Rosalie"
  5. "Turn The Page"

Side 2

  1. "Back in 72"
  2. "Neon Sky"
  3. "I've Been Working"
  4. "I've Got Time"

Released in the U.S.,January 1973 and charted at #188.

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great classic rock.

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Bob Seger from 1973, "Turn The Page" Live from Orlando: