It's that time of year again. Minnesota State Fair is in full swing.


And ladies, there is a multitude of eligible bachelors at your disposal. These are well traveled guys with stories that would make Madonna blush. These are the brave men we call Carnies.

Imagine the stories you'd have for your girlfriends. You'd be the envy of all. Of course, everyone has their own baggage and all experiences may not be on the positive side. Here are just a few things about hooking up with a carny you should know.

If they are smiling, it's probably because they are in a state that has no existing warrants on them.

They may have something hard in their pants but most likely it's a bolt left over after putting up the Ferris wheel

They may leave you after the fair but the odor will linger for weeks

They stole that Trump t shirt from the woman they were with in the last town.

He may not be Mr Right but you can bet he's Mr. Right Now

So, have fun at the fair and good luck.

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