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Jazzy Needs A Home And Family
Kate joined us on the air yesterday and Tri County Human Society has a great dog up for adoption.  Even if you're not looking for a pet, please pass this on to someone you know that might be looking to add to their family.
Here's a little about Jazzy;
Meet Jazzy...
Looking To Cool Off? Head To Montana
What's the saying again?  "If you don't like today's weather, wait til tomorrow, it'll change".  Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be pretty hot and humid for the next several days here in St Cloud.
Well, if the heat is getting to you and …
Should Minnesota Consider Mandating Masks In Public Places?
The Minnesota Medical Association says that Minnesota should take into consideration mandating the wearing of masks in public places.  I find it unsettling that it may have to be mandated to be considerate of other peoples well being but that's pretty much where we are now...

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