This year the Minnesota State Fair will be raising it's cost for admission by $1. Now I get that a dollar isn't the end of the world, but now it'll be $14 bucks to get in. To someone out there, $14 bucks is a lot of money, especially if they're really tight on cash. So with that, here are five things I expect to see at the fair this year thanks to this price increase.

  • Teamarbeit, ThinkStock
    Teamarbeit, ThinkStock

    No Karaoke After 5PM

    I do not want to hear people (badly) singing Beyoncé 'Single Ladies' into the night.

  • Getty Images, Jim McIsaac
    Getty Images, Jim McIsaac

    Mascot Fights

    If two Mascots of any company or sports team are near 50 feet of each other, they automatically fight against each other with foam-filled jousting poles to see who rules this part of the fair.

  • ThinkStock

    Wet T-Shirt Contest Every Hour

    Swedish bikini team for the guys to drool over and a good collection of guys from all over for the ladies to go wild for.

  • Getty Images, Mario Tama
    Getty Images, Mario Tama

    Automatic Mini Donut Assistant

    Whenever you run out of mini donuts, the assistant will locate you within the fair grounds and refill your bag with fresh donuts.

  • joyt, ThinkStock
    joyt, ThinkStock

    Extend and Pave the Parking Lots

    The State Fair has plenty of room to extend parking there. And from what I've heard over the years, fair goers want those same parking lots to be paved. No one wants to get to their car and see that you have to walk through a huge mud puddle to get to the driver side door.

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