As bad as we feel April 2018 weather was -- May 2013 started off on a rough note for parts of southern Minnesota that saw up to 18-inches of snowfall on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Daily and monthly records were set in many locations across the area, and the historic storm made its way into the record books -- producing the largest 24-hour snowfall total ever observed in Minnesota during May.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service


Some Minnesota Snowfall Totals from the May 2013 Storm

  • Blooming Prairie:  18.0"
  • Goodhue:  17.5"
  • Rochester:  15.5"
  • Owatonna:  15.5"
  • Red Wing:  13.5"
  • Cannon Falls:  10.2"
  • Austin:  10.0"
  • Albert Lea:  10.0"
  • Hastings:  7.8"
  • Northfield:  6.8"

So yeah, if Mother Nature's gonna lose her freakin' mind, I'd rather she do it in April than May. (BTW, the days start getting shorter in 40 days.)

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