Minnesotans are more tolerant of the outdoors than most, but even those of us who live here; and for those who have never left, there are still a few things that get under our skin; I mean, there has to be a reason why people retire and move to their winter homes in Arizona and Florida. Here are a few of the highlights of things we could live without; but then what would we have to complain about?


I was playing a game of dice last night; The game got broke up by a swarm of mosquito's about 9:30 pm. If we can outlast the swarm, they usually only hang out for a couple hours and then head back to wherever they came from. Most of us just say; forget it, we'll convene the game tomorrow.


This is one that seems to touchy. I for one, can't HATE a team..but for the love of competitiveness, I'd say most people play along. I have to admit, it seems that there are those that go a little overboard on both the Wisconsin side and Minnesota side; so here's to good sportsmanship. Lets keep it fun, folks.


Need I say more? There's a reason we have road construction all summer long. We all know that you have to fix our roads after the beating they take all winter long; but dang! If it's not a pain in the car!

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We love our teams when they are winning. We can be the best fans..but if you lose and keep losing, we are not very Minnesota NICE!


There's no worse way to start your day, that being late for work, and realizing your car is cold; the windows are froze over and you aren't going anywhere for awhile. Seriously; we love to invest in ways to make sure our vehicles are warm in the winter. Heated Steering wheel; check. Heated seats; check. Auto start...darn tootin'!


We love to play on our winter toys...snowmobiles...ski's...sleds....we love to build snow-men...Heck, we even love making snow angels and building snowmen....but when February rolls around; we've all had enough. We look for reasons to head out warmers places. We are seriously chilled to the bone for two months longer than any human should have to be cold.


We do now how to make the best of summer. This summer has been especially fun for me; lots of campfires this year; a fishing trip, a boat ride. Some Minnesotans live every day they can on the lake or somewhere outside. It's always sad to see it come to an end. The good thing; we really can have some great outdoor fun without freezing to death most of the year.

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