With COVID-19 still a big concern, traveling is a risk many are willing to take, lately. One of the last things you'd probably be worried about would be taking your kids to the beach in Miami and having one of your kids attacked by a shark.

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Well, that's exactly what happened to a 9 year old boy from Eagan, Minnesota. Kristine and Ren Weiskopf were enjoying the nice temps on the beach in Miami when the unexpected happened.

After being in the water with her son Jay for just a few minutes “I was holding his hand the whole time and he was kind of body surfing a little bit and he had fallen on his stomach. He just said, ‘Ow,’ and I looked down and there was about a 4-foot gray shark just kinda swimming away, so I just scooped him up and ran him up the beach.”

When Kristine pulled Jay from the water, she noticed a chunk of skin missing from his shoulder. Miami Beach Fire Rescue showed up to the beach and Jay was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and taken straight to surgery to close the wound on the boy's shoulder.

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The boy's father Ren said: “I just love him so much. He’s such a great kid and we’re still in shock, but thankful. We thank God that he didn’t take his life. That he’s gonna be OK.”

Immediately after Jay was bitten, the Weiskopfs were not only concerned about their son but also for the many people with children still in the water.  “What I don’t like right now is that the beach is still open, and kids are still down there playing, and they are in the same spot where my son just got attacked. I don’t know if it’s just because of spring break of whatever, but the beach should be closed,” Ren said.

The parents say that there is some concern with the doctors about possible infection and future mobility but because jay is so young, the prognosis is good.  “He just wants to go home and it’s really sad because we had so much fun planned,” Kristine said.


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