Fishing... usually fairly good in Canada.  And probably still is, but people in the states will have to continue to wait to find that out for sure.

Fishing concepts.

We used to have a cabin in Canada, and the fishing was always great.  There would be the annual fishing trip to Canada, and there was always pretty good luck as far as what was caught.  I can't really remember a time when anyone would come back after a day out on the boat without a bunch of fish.

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This year, just like last year, the Canadian border remains closed.  There are some fishing resorts that are planning on a tentative fishing season.  That would include tourists from the states to come over and rent out cabins, have guides take them to some great fishing spots, buying gear and bait for their excursion.  But no one really knows what's going to happen.

“The American tourist makes up 95% of the visitors to lodges in Sunset Country. So we have experienced the worst of the impacts on tourism because of ... the border being closed,’’ Cariou said. “There is no real domestic population large enough and in close enough distance to make up for US customer losses.”

But, if you happen to have one of these lodges or anything that I mentioned above and you are on the Minnesota side, your business might be faring pretty well.  Since you can't get into Canada at the moment, and with the fishing opener right around the corner, you may want to get as close to the Canadian border as possible.  Those places are having some of the best business than they have in several years.  At least last year way, and if the closure continues throughout this summer, predictions are that it will be another great year for those businesses.

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