There are many great Christmas movies and everybody has an opinion about which one is the best. That debate will continue forever but in the end, it's all subjective.

There are many factors that decide someone's favorite Christmas movie. What generation you grew up in, how much influence your parents had on you, what movies you were exposed to growing up and just your own personal taste.

I can't say I have one favorite. My tastes range from old classics like It's A Wonderful Life, which nobody else in my house really likes but I watch every year religiously, to Home Alone because I worked at a movie theater when that was out and it holds a special place in my heart.

So what is the most popular in the state of Minnesota?

House Method
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So is "A Christmas Story" really Minnesota's favorite Christmas movie? Well, according to this survey it is. did a survey to find out every state's favorite Christmas movie, and it is not only Minnesotans favorite, but a majority of the country as well.


A Christmas Story received 12.8% of the vote and was the highest of any Christmas movie. Elf was second at 11.2%, then Home Alone at 8.9%, It’s a Wonderful Life  with 7.8%, and The Nightmare Before Christmas at 6.3%.


Keep in mind that this survey is comprised of 4,580 people. That averages to 91.6 people per state. I would imagine you could take this survey again and find Elf is more popular. Or maybe Home Alone. But in the end those movies would, mostly likely, be the top movies.


A classic scene from A Christmas Story: