So there is a list of things in Minnesota that are kind of considered to be odd.  Most of them I do agree with, like every state has their thing, and most of the time you get fairly used to the things that you see on a daily on the side of the road.  But when others who are not from the area see it, they might think "well that's weird". That is where we are going with this today.

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The site atlasobsura has a list of strange roadside attractions in each state.  The list for Minnesota includes things like Big Ole in Alexandria, the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji, and the world's biggest prairie chicken in Rothsay.  That one I do find odd, and honestly, I've driven by Rothsay a bizillion times and I don't remember seeing that one.  Maybe I should pay more attention. You can see the entire list of odd Minnesota things here.  

But there is one roadside attraction here in St. Cloud.  This one, I wouldn't even consider as odd, but it still made the list.  And honestly, it isn't even a roadside attraction. It's actually a business, and one you woudn't just drive by and think "that's odd". Like it's not located on a main road.

The supposed odd attraction in St. Cloud is Val's Rapid Service.  I know the sign is original and super old, which definitely brings a cool factor, but weird?  I don't see that one.

The description that is given on the website says this...

This lone survivor of a regional franchise still slings delicious burgers and colossal servings of fries

And that is no lie!  If you go to Val's and get a burger and fries, half your bag will be filled with fries.  Definitely not skimping on those babies that are a pile of deliciousness!  And before someone says that they are unhealthy, no one is going there because of health reasons.  You go there because it's good!  Period.

But odd?  Not really.

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