Here it is!  Valleyfair in Shakopee has announced that they are opening this coming weekend.  Just in time for Mother's Day on the 12th.

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If you do have a season pass, you can get a preview with early entry on Saturday, May 11th.  Hours are limited for that day from 11am to 5pm.  And you do need to present your season pass for entry on that particular day.

Everyone else will be able to enjoy Valleyfair and and the 75 attractions, including 8 roller coasters, waterpark, Planet Snoopy, and all of the other fun events on Sunday, the 12th, which is also Mother's Day, with limited hours from 11am to 5pm.  The extended, normal hours will happen in a few weeks.

Valleyfair will also bring back Valleyscare this year.  This will happen later in the season in September as an event for the Halloween holiday.  Generally there is an earlier event for kids, and then the main event that happens after dark for the "big" kids.

Valleyfair will also have several events and festivals throughout the season, including 4 new culinary experiences and some new entertainment.

Late last year there was an announcement that Valleyfair's parent company (Cedar Fair) was merging with Six Flags.  So far there hasn't been any announcement of a name change, and Valleyfair will remain as the name of the amusement park here in Minnesota.

You can plan your visit, and buy tickets in advance and/or a season pass right now through their website.

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