Over the years I bet I've heard hundreds of supposed cures for a case of the hiccups. Swallow water standing on your head, have someone scare the crap out of you, fart, burp and sneeze all at the same time.  You get the picture. Do any of these really work?  I'm thinking, hit or miss, at best.

When I was a bartender in Houston, Texas, a cocktail waitress, whose father happened to be a hypnotist, taught me a very simple technique to rid yourself or someone else of the hiccups. I soon started charging bar customers five bucks to cure their hiccups, guaranteed.  For me, it worked every time. So, here is the cure;

1.Stand up straight

2. Close your eyes

3. Let your arms hang loosely by your side and relax your upper body.

4. Take a deep breath

5. Slowly let it out while counting backwards from ten with your arms hanging totally relaxed by your side.

6. By the time you hit zero, your hiccups should be gone. The most important thing is to totally relax your upper body with your arms hanging like they are dead.

Let me know if it works for you. It's never failed me and I've done it hundreds of times.

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