I'm not against drinking but I learned early on that I was much better off if I kept at least one foot on the ground, so to speak. Once one kicks that second foot up in the air he is vulnerable to all kinds of unpleasant happenings.

This guy did not follow that line of thinking and went out and got stinkin' drunk. He then went home and passed out on his bed. He has no recollection on just how he got home but he got home safely, for the time being.


When this poor sap regained consciousness, He found he was missing his penis.  actually, it wasn't missing. It was lying on the bed right next to him.

How drunk does a guy have to be to not notice that someone is cutting of his unit? Pretty drunk, I'd say.

He rushed himself and his junk to the emergency room and doctors were able to reattach his stuff and get it functioning again. He is clueless as to who chopped his unit off but I bet he'll sleep on his stomach in the future.

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