Day after Valentine's Day, so the holiday edition of Lame Joke Friday happened last week.  So this week, again we have 2 jokes.  One where a lady goes to the Dr.  and the second is one where Little Jimmy (I always thought it was Little Johnny) tries to jump 2 grades and head right to 4th grade.  Is he smart enough to go?

Seems like Little Jimmy is smart enough...but maybe the Principal should rethink his values.  Ha!  Kidding!  But this time we only had a one flusher.  The second joke, for maybe the first time in the history of Lame Joke Friday, we have laughs.  Johnny will be on vacation next week... so we had to send him off with some laughs.  Boost his confidence.


Maybe next time (in 2 weeks) he will come back with some better material.  One can hope, right?

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