The Twin Cities marathon was this past weekend.  I was looking at my social media feeds and am always in awe when people finish that marathon, or any of them, really.  Running is not my thing, at least not distances.  It work to even run a mile or two much less 26.2 miles.  Unreal.  It's really tough.  People let their feet and other muscles recover for a couple weeks afterwards.

But as hard as that would be... how about adding this to it.

Yep.  Carry a canoe- which weighs approximately 35 pounds for 26.2 miles.  Wow.  I am even more in awe of these people.  This was the first ever portage marathon in Ely, Minnesota.  I think after this everything would ache.  I'm not even sure I could even carry a canoe a mile!  I know that people go and portage in that area of the state, but I've only carried it like a few feet like when the water is too low or something.  And generally there has been another person to help.

So, if you are feeling very strong and full of endurance, maybe you want to try this next year.  Yikes!!

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