The iconic Dayton's store in downtown Minneapolis closed a couple of years ago.  But what to do with the building?  It's a gorgeous building and the city wanted to keep it and repurpose it.  Also, keeping the Dayton's name.

This is how this Minnesota Marketplace was born.  It's known as the Dayton's Project.

The Dayton's Project opened in Spring of 2020, and will open this year in a couple of weeks on November 17th.  This is a seasonal marketplace including 65 vendors with most of them from different areas of Minnesota.  The marketplace will remain open until January 13th.

If you would like to take a little trek down the road to Minneapolis to check out this marketplace and possibly get some of your holiday shopping done, the hours are fairly convenient for weekend shoppers.  At least for the first part of being open until December 23rd.  The hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6pm and on Sundays from 11am to 5pm.  After the 23rd, the hours will change, but as to what those hours are, that is still left to be determined.

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According to Bring Me the News, some of the vendors included in this marketplace are

Winona-based Sanborn Canoe Co., Minnesota-themed apparel company Sota Clothing and the maker of Dayton’s-branded merchandise, Shop in the City.

...also feature clothing designs from resort-wear brand Molly Pepper, African prints from Embellish, women’s hats from Karen Morris, knitwear from nickichicki and artisan leather goods from Leather Works Minnesota.

There is also handcrafted furniture, pantry items and some ceramics.  So basically anything you could want is at this marketplace...somewhere.

If you would like to visit some of the vendors that make things here in Minnesota a little closer to home.  Take advantage of our Made In Minnesota one day expo.  This is happening on November 19th from 10 to 4pm at River's Edge Convention Center downtown St. Cloud.  Admission is free thanks to Red Wing Shoes and Smude Oils.

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