Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is one of my favorite shows. When this Minnesota food shack made the top of the list, it made me 'Minnesota proud' once again.

According to Answers.com, the favorite overall burger of the beloved Guy Fieri comes from Minnesota...St. Paul specifically! If you haven't visited the Nook for a burger, this may be your chance to say you've had the burger of a celebrity - called the 'Juicy Nookie'. There is also another favorite of his, at the same place, named 'Guy's Big-Bite Burger'. It's filled with pepper jack cheese and topped with bacon.

Yes, it is just the opinion of a celebrity with a TV show, but this guy IS a master chef and visits hundred of establishments every year. When he calls a restaurant to visit them, they feel like they've won the lottery. With that being said, you can bet that I'm going to visit the Nook when I'm in the Twin Cities! I love a good burger.

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