Oh lawd...have mercy...

McDonald's is testing a new product and - instead of the usual coastal areas getting to try the goods - they're testing it in Minnesota!



Take French toast, add an egg, sausage patty, bacon, hotcakes syrup, cheddar cheese, and butter; and you have yourself breakfast gutbomb perfection. I fear for the company restroom when this gets to St Cloud.

One of these glorious sammiches will net you 650 calories, your entire day's allotment of cholesterol plus over 1/4 of tomorrow's allotment, half your sodium, and almost 3/4 of your daily saturated fat...but it also has 31 grams of protein! SOLD!

Another lawdamercy, if you will.

McD's isn't being shy about marketing this future-death-of-me, describing it as fulfilling "our customers' desires for a little indulgence at breakfast."

Is it hot in here, or is it just my skyrocketing blood pressure in anticipation of being indulged?

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