Our buddy Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood 17, stopped by the studio this morning to let us in on what movies are coming out this week at Parkwood.

First up we have "Hell Fest". Set in an amusement park a group of friends is terrorized by a crazed killer. This looks like a pretty good movie i, if you're into scary stuff.This is rated R which means it's extra scary. Trailer below

Next up we have "Smallfoot" an animated movie about Yedis fearful of, not Bigfoot, but Smallfoots. This animated movie has a ton of stars voicing the characters and would be a great family film or just for the kids. See trailer below

Lastly, it's "Little Women", a modern day adaptation of the book from 1867. A girl wants to be a writer but can't think of what to write about. She is then encouraged to write about her own family. See trailer below

Looks like a good weekend to catch a movie.

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