Since it's Thursday, we had Adam in again from Parkwood Theatres.  A few movies coming out this weekend.  Very fitting- a prom focused movie starring John Cena.  He plays one of the parents with daughters that have formed a sort of "sex pact" for prom with the plan to lose their V-cards that night and always have the same anniversary.

Remember the Kennedy scandal... well, one of them.  Featured this weekend with the movie Chappaquiddick.  Ted Kennedy drives his car off a bridge in Massachusetts' Chappaquiddick Island which results in the death of his passenger.  What really happened?

Also- a movie that I will never see.  I just don't do well with scary movies unless I have a blanket to hide under.  Although with the new dream lounger seats at Parkwood, I could bring one in and just be super comfy.  But that's another story.  Anyhoo- it's called A Quiet Place and things hunt you if you aren't quiet.  We all know I'd die in the first scene if this were real.  Right??

Have a great weekend and see you at the movies!

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