Who knows more about the power of giving than those who have been given to? Last night at the 'Fill the Flyer' food drive I was reminded that when we have the desire to help -- we can. It's easy to find reasons not to help (too busy, too tired, too this, too that). Here's a quick story about a man we met last night that wasn't 'too anything' to help.

It was the second of six nights of the annual 'Fill the Flyer' food drive. Each night we set up with Metro Bus, New Flyer, Royal Tire, Catholic Charities, and The Salvation Army -- to collect food and money to help feed our hungry neighbors in Central Minnesota. We park a big bus (The Flyer) at the store's front door, play music, hand out shopping lists, and talk to shoppers about the food drive.

I was standing at the front door of Cash Wise East in St. Cloud when a man approached me looking like he'd seen better, easier days; and I engaged him, going into my quick speech about the food drive. He paused, looked at me, and said he was homeless -- wondering if I knew of someone that could help him find a place to live. He also said he'd like to help with the food, but probably couldn't. After a minute or two of conversation he went on his way and entered the store.

About fifteen minutes later he came back out, handing me two bags of groceries, explaining that he had purchased some canned stew and soups because it could be eaten without cooking; saying, 'finding food wasn't his biggest struggle -- cooking it was.' He knew that this was something that others in his situation could really use.

Will we see you at one of the four remaining 'Fill the Flyer' food drive locations? We'll be at Byerly's tonight from 4-7 PM on Division Street in St. Cloud. The rest of the schedule is HERE.

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