We have heard so much about banks, chicken restaurants and car washes opening in the St. Cloud area.  This time we are talking about one of the banks in the area that will be closing mid-July.

Wells Fargo has been trying to streamline some of their branches, and have announced several closings and consolidations around Minnesota.

According to the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal, The Westwood branch of Wells Fargo located on 33rd and 3rd will be closing on July 12th and will be consolidating with another Wells Fargo branch located on 33rd and Roosevelt Road.  This is the branch located across from Costco in St. Cloud.

This will bring the Wells Fargo branches from three to two, but there is also a branch located in Sauk Rapids and an ATM at the Speedway in Sartell.

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These aren't the only changes that Wells Fargo will be making.  There have been closures announced for Rochester, Coon Rapids, and Minneapolis.  Wells Fargo spokesperson Staci Schiller mentioned that banking is changing as people's habits have been changing with more online options.

“As customer preferences and transaction patterns change, so will our branches and the experiences customers have in them,” Schiller said in a statement.

If you google the Westwood branch of Wells Fargo in St. Cloud, you will see comments about how friendly the staff is, and some people will go to this branch weekly to make their business deposits.  Those will need to be changed to another branch. With change there will always be some growing pains, or downsizing pains in this case.  It may be less convenient for some people.  Everyone adjusts.

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