Crumbl cookies came to the St. Cloud area a few years ago.  The cookies are delicious!  Well, some of them are, only as I don't like some of the flavors, but not everyone likes everything.  So it's good to have variety.  And speaking of variety, the cookies at Crumbl change every week.  There are some staples, but there are at least 3-4 new flavors each week.

Here's the thing about Crumbl.  The cookies are huge.  And when I say that, I really do mean HUGE.  They even sell a special cookie cutter to divide then evenly into 4 pieces.  And when they show you the nutritional information, that calorie count is a 4th of the cookie.  That lets you know how big these things are.  One cookie could get you more than 800 calories in some cases.

Apparently not everyone wants that much of a commitment in a cookie.

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So, Crumbl is now testing what they are calling mini cookies.  The regular size cookies are still available.  I noticed the change when I opened my app to see what flavors were being offered this week, and

If you would like the smaller size cookies, be aware that they are not always available.

Monday, April 22nd, 2024 was the first Mini Monday at Crumbl. Every Monday through the end of the Summer of 2024, Crumbl will be offering minis at locations nationwide. The very first Mini Monday was extremely successful as a number of locations were sold out well before closing. At this point, we have not heard if they are going to extend to a Minis week or if Minis will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the final full week in April.

The idea is also to boost sales, as mentioned above, not everyone wants the giant cookie, unless you have 3 other friends sharing the cookie.

Also, the idea is to possible sell 6 packs of mini cookies through the months of June and July.  This is another "test" to see how well those packs sell.

Looks like if you are a Crumbl cookie fan, more options may be available on a more regular basis soon.

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