Last Weekend the University of Minnesota Dance took the internet by storm with their routine at the National Competition to the song “Dream On” by Aerosmith.


The video has circulated and been viewed from some links hundreds of thousands of times.  

We knew it probably wouldn’t be long for Aerosmith to be made aware of what was happening around one of their most legendary songs.  

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Sure enough, the Aerosmith Instagram account shared this earlier this week. This post as of 9:30 Friday morning had been seen well over 18,000 times itself, which only helps spread the phenomenon that this performance has turned into.  

The twist with the video Aerosmith shared shows people's reaction to watching the routine.  

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To borrow another Aerosmith song title, it’s been “Amazing” to see the reaction of people who are involved in the world of Dance and those that aren’t who can’t stop watching the video.   

There’s an old saying that says “imitation is the best form of flattery”, and of course in this day and age we’re in with social media, so many people are trying to imitate this routine themselves, which in itself has helped spread this video around even more.    

I’m not sure that when the choreography was being put together, the folks at the University of Minnesota thought this would turn into one of the bigger sensations on the internet thus far in 2024, but it has. And it’s pretty cool that a legendary rock band not only applauds the effort but is helping to promote the University of Minnesota. 

Whatever lies ahead this year for the Minnesota Athletics, the Gopher Dance Team certainly needs consideration for Athletes of the Year at least.   

Oh, and for the second straight year the Gophers brought home the Pom Title and finished 2nd the the Jazz routine section.


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