Minnesota based Target is a go-to for almost anything you possibly need. Whether it's stuff for your home, groceries, electronics, apparel, whatever it is, you can probably find it at Target.

During the pandemic, Target had some of their biggest profit increases, but on the other side of that, this year they reported their biggest profit loss ever. But that comes with some context.  It's based off of the pandemic numbers, which were huge, so in comparison, Target's third quarter profit report showed a 52% drop.  So, that is forcing some really giant discounts that we, the consumers can benefit from.

Those deals began yesterday, November 20th and run through the 26th.

According to Bring Me the News, Target will be slashing prices on some very popular items such as electronics.

 ...slashing up to 50% off electronics, toys, video games, kitchen appliances, and gift items during its biggest sale period

Keep in mind to watch the prices, because some of these deals won't be available until Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday which is traditionally when most shoppers will be able to take advantage of the discounts.  If some of these discounts aren't enough for you, they will also be launching some more discounts on Cyber Monday, with deals available November 27-28.

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If you have Target's Red Card, you can also take advantage of 2 day free shipping on any purchase over $35.  And if you are like me, it's hard to walk out of Target spending less than $100.  But if you are shopping online maybe it's easier to stay within your budget.

Some of the other deals you can score on (From Bring Me the News) include:

Might as well try and save some money wherever possible.

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