We've heard good and bad stories about drinking water from plastic water bottles. Whenever you drink out of a plastic water bottle, you risk being exposed to toxins in the plastic that the bottle is made out of. It's more common if you're drinking from an older water bottle that you've been reusing time and time again, or plastic water bottles that have been exposed to heat. That's why it's important to never leave your water bottle in a hot car, and then drink from it afterwards. I've been guilty of this! The truth is, you shouldn't be drinking from plastic water bottles on the regular. Disease has been linked to people who drink a lot of water from bottles.

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So what about Stainless steel water bottles? Are those safe?

That depends.

In comparison to plastic, stainless steel water bottles are going to be better than plastic or aluminum bottles. Stainless steel is a non toxic material and it doesn't leach chemicals even if the bottle is damaged or if you fill it with tea or coffee.

Stainless Steel bottles can also be washed at high heat temps, meaning that bacteria can be killed .


The best advice I've found is to get stainless steel water bottles. Make sure that's exactly what they are. Washing them with soap and hot water will kill bacteria, and keep the bottle safe for water consumption.


If you are looking for the safest water bottles for your family, look for the following:

  • Look for a stainless steel bottle that is 18/8 food grade stainless steel. That's 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel.
  • Drinking from Aluminum or low quality Stainless Steel is still a risk to your health.

I found a brand of water bottles that would be a great option for your family, and you can check it out by clicking HERE.

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