The Alibi Drinkery was vandalized with graffiti overnight on New Year's Eve after opening that night against Governor Walz's order. Police are investigating the vandalism at the Alibi Drinkery. Windows and walls were spray painted with messages against the Alibi, President Trump and fascism.

credit; Michael Padden
credit; Michael Padden

According to the attorney representing the Alibi Drinkery, Michael Padden “There is video,” he said. “It appears six perpetrators were involved. We hope they are caught. No entity at this time has taken responsibility.”

After a temporary restraining order was granted last month due to continued violations of the Governor's order, if the Alibi Drinkery opened before Jan. 10th, after Walz's order expired, the Alibi could lose it's liquor license for up to 5 years.

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That had little effect, as the bar posted on Facebook Sunday, inviting Vikings fans to come in and enjoy the last Vikings game of the season at the bar.

The Alibi was also in the news last month after opening against the governor's order and pictures surfaced showing customers standing shoulder to shoulder in the bar with many not wearing masks.

The Governor's executive order was put in place after Minnesota had the state's biggest surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and COVID deaths since the beginning of the pandemic which started back in March of last year.


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