Here we go, the circus we all call the "Holidays.  And just for a second... it's totally ok to say "holidays" or "Happy Holidays" as we are talking about ALL of them.  No problem with that at all.  But anyway- that is not what this is about.  It's about all the other stuff that goes into the next month and a half.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

This is just one tree... Frosty the Snowman Tree.  See the hat?

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

This is tree number 2... yes, we even have a third little one that's a memory or keepsake tree.  Good Grief!  Maybe it's the opposite of "Grinchy".

Now, my thing is to not put any Christmas decorations up until Thanksgiving night or the Friday afterwards.  One holiday at a time.  The exception is outside lights. If it's warm, go ahead, just don't light them up until Thanksgiving.  Then we leave up the Christmas decor up until New Years Day.  My question is this.. is it too much folderol for this short of a time?  It's kind of like a wedding in some ways.  A lot of planning and decorations for one day.  Although that might be worse, because the decor is only up one day too.  So there's that.

PHOTO" Laura Bradshaw

I know- Believe... that's rich coming from me.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Maybe it's just us.  We do a lot for Christmas.  We've moved a bunch of times and it seems to multiply.  3/4 of the totes and boxes we have is Christmas "stuff".

Is it too much?  Or am I just too "Grinchy"?