If you're between the ages of 18 and 49, chances are you're going to be glued to AMC this Sunday night. AMC's insanely zombiriffic© show, The Walking Dead, shuffles back onto our HD after taking a break for almost 3 months.

If you listen to my show, you know I've always been a fan of the horror genre (and anything sci-fi in general), but to be honest, zombie flicks were not on my must-watch list. That is until I saw 28 Days Later. That movie was so well done, that I really started to anticipate more zombie movies. Two years ago on Halloween when AMC premiered TWD, I decided to give it a chance and I have been rewarded with great story, intricate characters and truly, (as it should be) the goriest show on TV.

If you've heard the office and bar discussions about the show and have become interested, but you're hesitant to jump in at the middle, I've unearthed a few primers for you to indulge in before Episode 8, "Nebraska" is exhumed this Sunday night at 8.

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    The Walking Dead Marathon

    This Saturday night, Feb. 11 at 7, AMC begins a two-day The Walking Dead marathon covering the full series to date. First comes all six episodes of Season 1 back-to-back on Saturday, then Sunday afternoon starting at 12:30, the marathon continues with Season 2 episodes, that lead right into the Midseason Premiere, "Nebraska" at 8pm. If you're Short on time, there are video recaps of each episode, but you won't be able to get into the shows best quality; the characters.

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    Get To Know The Characters

    There's a big ensemble cast, but it mostly centers around (and starts with) Sheriff Rick Grimes who was shot and put into a coma just before the mysterious viral outbreak that caused the zombifications. Assuming Rick is dead, his wife Lori and son Carl, leave with Rick's Deputy and best friend Shane for safety. There's a love triangle that develops, and in keeping with the classic zombie formula, a rag-tag group of survivors band together as they seek answers and safe harbor. This is the show's major strength, as the characters are believable and are incredibly diverse.

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    Watch The Webisodes

    To be honest, this is great way to really get into the show and be able to not only keep up with your co-workers and friends when they talk about the show, but it will actually make you sound like the seminal expert on the show. They're quick, well-done and give you more back-story on not only the characters and events, but some of the walkers themselves.

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    Desensitize Yourself

    This is a big one if you're a bit squeamish. This show has some of the most realistic SFX I've ever seen. The walkers are spooky and gross, the blood spurts no matter who's inflicting the injuries and the over-all look of the show is downright depressing. Click on the title link and watch a very cool, albeit yuky, in-depth look at the show's most iconic walkers. It gives you a little insight into the making of the show's 'other cast'.

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    Watch 2 Sneak Peeks Of Nebraska

    AMC loves to tease us with bits and pieces of their upcoming premieres and new shows. It's how they hooked me into Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Hell On Wheels.  I've added two sneak peeks for Sunday's upcoming mid-season premiere below.

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