Thank you to the Sartell Police for shutting up the neighbors down the road at midnight for lighting off scud missiles. I can't wait to start my motorcycle up at 6am in the morning in front of your house!

At 11pm last night I started off into bed. It was a long week at the radio station, and my wife was also exhausted with her busy work week. With such a full weekend of 4th of July activities the world has going on, we needed to get some sleep, as I'm sure 90% of the neighborhood was desiring too.

What makes a home owner think that since it's a holiday weekend, that it's OK to think that since YOU are drunk and playing with explosives, that we all are cool with it? You scream your 'woot woot' and laugh as your $200 scud missile shoots into the sky over your neighborhood, then slam another beer in celebration...not having any clue that it's not only illegal, but also that it's midnight and everybody else isn't clapping their hands hoping you keep it going.

Think about this next time you think we love the $2000 work of illegal fireworks you bought in Wisconsin for this weekend:

  1. There at least 100 babies within hearing distance of you and your booming fireworks, and they are all asleep (or at least they WERE asleep).
  2. Not all of us hang out past midnight and support your cause for being the biggest idiot in the city. Just because you have a cooler packed full of alcohol doesn't mean we share anywhere close to the same level of excitement for you.
  3. Dogs freak out about loud booms that are near. So now you've got us dog owners up because they're whimpering and pawing at us to make it stop.
  4. The next time we see you we're going to make you well aware of the fact that you've played with more than fire with a wick!

A big thank you to the Sartell Police for allowing me and my family to get some rest finally. They shut the party down pretty quickly, and there's about a thousand of us who thank you. Keep up the good work in making Sartell a great place to live. It's obvious you're well aware that the 4th of July is amateur night for wannabee pyros, and the city is a much safer place with you on top of it.