The city of Sartell is planning additional developments along Highway 15 in 2024.  Mayor Ryan Fitzthum expects the River Crossing site to come close to full development.  Current businesses in that spot include Aldi's, Chipolte, Starbucks and Mister Carwash.  Fitzthum says there is room for 4 to 5 additional businesses.

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Fitzthum also expects new developments in the Health Care Plaza.  He says developer, Adventure properties purchased 24 acres across Highway 15 from Sam's Club and is expected to put up 6-7 office buildings on the site.  Fitzthum says that land is currently being prepped for development.  He says professional, healthcare centric businesses are likely to go into these new office buildings.

Former Sartell Paper Mill site (photo - Jay Caldwell)
Former Sartell Paper Mill site (photo - Jay Caldwell)

The Sartell City Council recently put out for bid to build the trail system on the old paper mill site.  Fitzthum says this would be considered phase 1 of the process.  He says the city would like to get some trails built in 2024.  Fitzthum indicates these would be paved bike path trails for bikes and pedestrians.  He explains 2024 and into 2025 will be big marketing and planning years for the Mill District.

Mayor Fitzthum also discussed the process of ownership change of the Pine Ridge Golf Course, road projects in the city in 2024 and how the warmer winter is affecting the city's budget.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Ryan Fitzthum it is available below.



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