The Sartell-St. Stephen School District doesn't include all of the city of Sartell.  Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum joined me on WJON.  He explains the city of Sartell is in 3 school districts.  The 3 are Sartell-St. Stephen, Sauk Rapids-Rice and St. Cloud School District 742.  Fitzthum says East St. Cloud Financial Credit Union in Sartell on Pine Cone Road has the school district line running through the middle of that parcel.  He says that means the Sartell Community Center, and Sta Fit are examples of businesses in Sartell but in the St. Cloud School District.  Fitzthum explains school district lines and city lines don't run together.  He says this can cause confusion when people are looking for homes in Sartell.  Fitzthum feels Real Estate agents have done a great job making it clear to would be buyers what school district the land falls into.

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Sarah Mueller, WJON
Sarah Mueller, WJON

The city lines between St. Cloud and Sartell and Sartell and Sauk Rapids are a bit clearer.  Fitzthum indicates there is a property on the east side of the Mississippi in the city of Sartell which includes numerous homes and the Country Manor campus.  He says there isn't a clear line there separating Sauk Rapids and Sartell saying it jumps around.  Fitzthum explains the dividing line between St. Cloud and Sartell is county road 120 on the south side but on the east side near the Heim Mill property Le Sauk township is between St. Cloud and Sartell.

Fitzthum says Sartell is likely to expand into portions of Le Sauk township that will make clearer city borders with St. Cloud in the future.  He says there is an agreement in place with Le Sauk township that when land is sold by individual owners or developed by that owner it will be added to the city of Sartell.  Fitzthum indicates this could take place in 30 years or maybe not for 90 years.  He says it is up to the individual property owners.  He explains city services are not currently available at many of these locations.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Ryan Fitzthum it is available below.


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