If you happen to follow Star Wars, you know that it’s no secret that “The Last Jedi” divided the fan base more than any other installment in the franchise. In ways, I can understand why. Director Rian Johnson took A LOT of risks with this film.

When you allow a film like Star Wars to take as many unexpected twists and turns as he did, you’re bound to make a substantial amount of people angry. Personally, I loved “The Last Jedi.”

I felt it was necessary for Rian to take enormous chances with it in order to keep the Star Wars saga fresh and interesting. The last thing we need in the greatest space opera of all time is predictability.

I was on my toes for the duration of the film, and I absolutely loved it. I still give it a 10 out of 10. Unfortunately, fans like myself a minority. So many people hated episode 8 that there’s now a campaign on Twitter to remake the film all together.

I highly doubt the haters are going to pull this off, as remaking episode 8 would cost millions and millions of dollars. But hey, if you’re one of the fans that didn’t like it then feel free to check out the link below. Who knows, maybe you’ll get what you wish for, but I hope you don’t. In my opinion “The Last Jedi” is perfect the way it is.


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