Usually when I think of a 4 letter word starting with the letter "s" this is not what comes to mind.  Until now.  S-N-O-W.  I used to think it was pretty.  I used to think how "picturesque".  Not lately.  Now I'm just thinking every 4 letter word that isn't as PC as snow.  2 words... THIS and SUCKS.  Just straight up.  There is no way around it.

And even you people who love winter sports, love the crisp air, want to be cozy by the fire, have to admit that there is a time for all of that, and that time has passed.

Where are you Spring??  Sounds like a song... to the tune of "where are you Christmas?"  Apparently right out my front door.  Even the news/weather report on TV was showing a picture of a Christmas ball with "Merry Christmas" on it.

We are ALL sick of this.  Baseball is starting.  Going down in history as the coldest home opener on record.  That's not a record you really want to break.  Move out snow, we are evicting you!!  Think that will work?  Supposedly 60s in 2 weeks.  We'll see.


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