Father's Day is always sort of bittersweet for me.

I love being a dad to some great kids, but at the same time, I miss my dad.

My dad was a great unassuming guy. He was liked by everyone. What I really admired about him is that he couldn't care less if someone liked him or not. He was also the funniest person I've ever know. He could always make me laugh.  Such a quick wit.

Once an old high school classmate stopped by to see my dad.  They hadn't seen each other since high school. My dad innocently asked whatever happened to a girl they went to school with. "I think she slept with every guy in town," said my dad. His friend replied, "I married her." Without missing a beat, my dad responded, "Well, the town's not that big."

I thought I was going to wet myself, I was laughing so hard.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day.

By the way, the t-shirt I'm wearing in this picture was given to me by my daughters a couple of years ago. I now make it my Father's Day attire.


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