The Great Minnesota Get-Together is a staple in Minnesota, and also something that some people plan their time off from work around.  It's something a lot of Minnesotans look forward to every year.  The last week of August, the 12 days leading up to Labor Day which is the unofficial end to summer is the week for the Minnesota State Fair.

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Last year they had attendance which was almost up to the record year of 2019.  So, after the pandemic, things (events) are getting back to a "normal" level.  There are, of course, people who will probably always be wary of going to any of these mass crowd events.  But mostly, people are getting back to normal.

The state fair has been slowly announcing grandstand shows.  There has been a mixture of kids shows, a comedian, the usual talent show, rock, and now, a rapper has been announced.  But not just any rapper, it's Chance the Rapper, who has been a coach on The Voice, which will bring in more people who are famiiar with the artist.

When I think of rap artists, I feel like sterotypically they cannot sing.  But if you have watched the Voice this season, or a previous season when Chance has been on the show, you see (or hear) that he can sing... not just rap.

Tickets go on sale this Friday for his show at the Minnesota State Fair.  The performance is scheduled for Friday, August 23rd.  Prices have  a range to choose from.  $48, $68, $88, $108, $128 & $148 (All seats reserved)
$96 (Party Deck)

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