Every year I sit and wait for the shows to be announced for the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair.  I have no idea why they drag this out.  I know that it takes a bit to book everyone. And not everyone agrees to terms at the same time.  There are schedules to follow, do they have an opening, blah blah blah.

I just think it would be nice to have them announce the whole thing all at once and be done with it, but that's not the way this goes.  It's not the way any summer festival goes... and I'm putting the State Fair into that category too.

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This time the show that has been announced is Brandi Carlile.  I haven't been able to be at one of her shows, but there isn't one person that I know that has seen any of her shews that weren't just completely amazed.  She's awesome.

If you would like tickets to this show, here is the skinny:

This one will be Tuesday, August 29th at 7PM.  Ticket prices - now that's always the hard part.  Will it be cheap enough to go, and enjoy the fair too?  Well, sometimes you need to make that decision.  I hate when I have a chance to go to a show that I really want to see. It's pricey, I decide not to go, then something tragic happens.  I hate to be a downer on that, but you know, tomorrow is never promised.  So I've been living with the mantra of "if you have a chance, take it".

Ticket prices for this show range from $79 to $199 with all seats reserved.  No standing room/general admission seats.

You can buy your tickets by going to the state fair website.  They are scheduled to go on sale on Wednesday, the 22nd at 10am.  See ya at the show!

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