I know, you're thinking, "Here he goes again. This guy is talking about changing Halloween on us...again." Followed by, "When it is just fine the way it is."

But is it?

Yep, I’m making my yearly push to change a holiday, that as far as holidays go, is not really so sacrilegious that the thought of changing it is like asking to change Christmas or the Fourth of July (now that you mention it...kidding).

Exhibit A: "The Floating Holiday"

Honestly, floating holidays are kind of a pain. That's one reason why Thanksgiving is the best holiday there is. It's not a floating holiday. Plus, there's food -- football -- food -- family -- food -- four-day weekend -- and did I mention food?

Exhibit B "The Four Day Weekend"

Let’s go back to that four-day weekend thing. That’s a big reason it's such a great holiday. You know, that every single year, you’re getting that four day weekend. You don’t have to look at a calendar to try and figure out what day Thanksgiving lands on and try to work out your vacation, family trip, whatever, around it because you already know.

Now, I'm not saying we would get a four-day weekend with Halloween but wouldn’t it be great (and logical) if you always knew when Halloween was? You knew that it was always the last Saturday of the month of October?

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Exhibit C: It's Safer and Better For The Kids

Not only would it fit into our work life easier, but it wouldn't affect school the next day for our kids. They could also wear their costume to school that Friday and again on Saturday. They would love that!

And as much as us adults like dressing up in some ridiculous costume (and not always appropriate) for Halloween, it's really for the kids. It would make the holiday way safer for children. And that's really the important thing here.

Maybe, I might consider leaving Halloween where it is if we just had the next day off, like other of the floating holidays. So until that happens, I’m gonna stick to my guns -- the guns I’m wearing as part of a Halloween costume.

I don’t understand how this doesn’t make sense to everybody that still opposes it. If you agree, sign the petition here.


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