I've been asked at least a dozen times what my New Years resolutions are for 2019. Does anybody really do this? I'm pretty aware of what i need to do to make all better for 2019 but stop at the idea of actually making resolutions, which most likely I will not keep. This, in itself, sets one up for failure.  Why start the year off deliberately creating pressure for yourself?


I guess one of my goals for the year would be to not fail at things, but that's a freakin' long shot. Probably, the only improvement i can go along with is to just try be a better person. Much easier for some than others.

I guess my main problem with the whole resolution thing is it's too much like planning. I prefer to operate in a large gray area. There are just too many variables in the Universe to try a nail down precise future plans. Things change constantly, thus making plans obsolete.

So, I guess, the best resolution for this year is to not make any.  Things change and always will, so just ride the wave through the gray area.

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