This morning a we got to talking about the video of a couple of teens trying to make a call using a rotary phone.  If you are familiar with this type of phone it seems completely ridiculous.  Why can't they figure this out?  I feel like it shouldn't be this hard.  They still show these occasionally in the movies and on TV.  This can't be that unknown...or maybe it is. It is a rotary phone, after all... but it's the whole picking up the receiver deal that makes me laugh.

Remember the movie Zoolander?  It reminds me of the scene where they are trying to get a document "out of the computer".  Because, ya know, it's "in" the computer.

You can kind of see the similarity, right?  Maybe this is something that we should show kids on a normal basis?  Don't they have older people around them?  Like grandparents?  There is still a land line in the house I grew up in... although it is a portable phone, so there is that.

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