You've most likely notices or at least heard that Taco Bell has been refining their menu lately. They've been dropping some items as well as adding others to their menu. They even recently added french fries to their tasty selections.


Mostly, I don't get too worked up about menu changes but this one seemed like a great idea. Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Wings. I don't think this one can miss. Everyone enjoys ripping through an order of wings, right?

A site called Foodbeast recently spotted chicken wings on the menu in Fullerton, California. The sign outside Taco Bell it as “five piece crispy chicken wings with spicy ranch sauce, along with the promise that the breaded mix of bone-in drums and flats are flavored with “bold Mexican seasoning” all this wonderfulness for only $4.99.

Last week, Taco Bell's Vice President of Product development, Heather Mottershaw said that this is just the first step in a "menu evolution".  In streamlining their menu lately they are making room for some new fan favorites.

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“When we think about the acceleration of new trends, it’s really clear for us that it’s chicken, and that means chicken as a whole category,” Mottershaw was quoted as saying. “We’re focused heavily in this area at the moment, so expect lots to come here.”

Taco Bell, so far, has received some great revues on their chicken wings. Foodbeast's tester commented "very crispy" and fast food reviewer YouTube channel Peep said the wings are "absolutely worth it".  Both reviewers said adding Taco Bell hot sauce to the wings "really upped the enjoyment".

We can only hope  Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Wings make their way to the St Cloud area. Check out the promotional video below.


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