As we are moving into Fall and Winter, I was just thinking about how often you should wash your sheets.  During the Summer months, I generally wash them at least once a week.  Summer usually means heat which translates to sweat, which translates to needing to wash your sheets more often then you might during the colder months.

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Personal Hygiene.  This is something we should all be concerned with. I've heard of people washing their sheets once a month. One word. Gross.

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I realize that if you shower every night before bed, some people do that, especially depending on what you do for a living, even through the recommendation is once a week, you may be able to push that to once every two weeks.  There are also some other factors.  Sleeping with a partner? Do you have pets sleep with your? Or are they at least on the bed some of the time?  Kids? Not washing your sheets enough could lead to allergies and other health problems

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives in bed?  Good grief that seems like a lot!


Let's be honest, clean sheets always feel better and might lead to better sleep, too. I'm all for that.

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getty images

If you stay in a hotel that has bed spreads on the beds...what do you do?  Personally, I try not to stay in those types of hotels.  Most hotels have moved away from the traditional bedspread.  Those things were just a cesspool of gross.  But if there is one, I throw that thing on the floor immediately.  Nope!  That is a no go, no matter how clean the hotel may seem other than that.  Yuck.

Sweet dreams!

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