You may think that a brand new licensed driver on the road is the worst thing ever.  That's actually not true.  It takes some time in order for that to happen.  It takes time for someone to learn some bad habits.  

drivers license

From a study that was done, it seems that it takes almost 3 months to develop some bad habits, and a little more than that for others.  It's seems like you take your written test, then make sure you get all of your behind the wheel training.  Get ready for the license exam... and voila! You get your license!  Most people just don't drive away from the exam and automatically have bad driving habits.  You just took your test, you are on your own, behind the wheel.  You could be kind of nervous.  But then the comfort sets in along with the cockiness.

Enter the bad habits... pulling out in front of someone, running red lights, driving with one hand, not signaling, not checking mirrors/blind spots, you know, the usual bad habits.

So when your teen starts to drive, they are probably going to be ok.  Maybe parents can work together to help the bad habits not happen by setting good examples.

Just a thought.  Happy new driving!!


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