Mow, water,fertilize,repeat. For what?

Sean Gallup, Getty
Sean Gallup, Getty

Sure, it looks nice and we tend to take great pride in our lawns. Is that enough to justify the work and expense to keep it looking good?

First off, you have to have a half way functional lawnmower. Might as well have some sprinklers, maybe an in ground sprinkler system. Then you'd better stock all the other tools to keep things up to speed.

Let's see, mower, edger, fertilizer spreader, grass bags, weed control chemicals and, off course, enough ambition to get out there and mow twice a week.

When you break it down, it costs a lot to maintain that plush lawn you desire.

Just to spice things up, we go out and put fertilizer on the lawn. Why? Well, to make it grown even faster and thicker, so we can mow it more often.

It almost turns into a competition with your neighbors as to who has the nicest lawn. Your neighbor mows theirs and now,to keep up appearances, you must mow yours.

I don't know what the alternative is, but I ask myself "Is it all worth it?"

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