I'd like to think that Minnesotans are fun-loving, positive people. But, if you were just judging the state by looking at a map, you'd raise your eyebrows a little bit. Some of the town names are a little...depressing? It doesn't look like we have very high self esteem here. I mean, well...take a look at the town names below and judge for yourself.

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Nimrod, MN: I feel like this is where the characters from Grumpy Old Men were from. I'm not sure what's worse than calling your town Nimrod...Oh wait, the next town name might be worse.

Embarrass, MN: Alright, this one is extremely weird! Why would you ever name your town Embarrass? Because, you'd want your town to be the opposite of an embarrassment...right? I've got so many questions. And, if you look at records,  it always seems to be the cold spot in an already cold-in-the winter state.

Sleepy Eye, MN: Usually when I'm feeling a little blue or down in the dumps, I've got a serious case of the sleepy eye. It's not a feeling I'd associate with positive feelings...so, why name your town after it?  But on a positive note- it does bring up thoughts of Little House on the Prairie.  And that (from the outside looking in) was a family wholesome show.

Motley, MN: I immediately think of the band Motley Crew...that's the only way this would make it not sad. But, the town doesn't have ties to the 80's hairband. They just feel like they are a Motley crew.

Downer, MN: I want to know who picked this name...was it Debbie Downer?


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