Tomorrow morning, Luara and I will make our football picks for this weekend. I really sucked last week, going 50/50 on last week's games. I think I need to reevaluate my strategy for picking the winners.

I've tried picking against teams I hate. Didn't work so well. Next i went for teams that had the best looking cheerleaders. Again,not a good strategy.  This week, I've decided to go against my instincts. Whatever team I think will win, I'm picking the other team. Even the Vikes. So, if they win you can thank me.


If you want to play along with us, it's absolutely free and easy to join. Just go to and click on Pro Football Pick Em Contest.  Make your picks ( you have until gametime to make you pick on any game and you can even change your picks, as long as it's before gametime).

Best every week will win a $25 gift card from The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill and the best at the end of the season will be eligible to win $10,000 cash and a 55' TV.

The Loon's Pro Football Pick Em Contest is brought to you by The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill and LGS Electronics.  Good luck and listen to tomorrow morning's show to hear our picks.

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