Here we are in early February, wearing Crocs outside with basketball shorts because it's 55 degrees, going about our business without a care in the world. Well friends, I am here to burst your bubble, but you need to prepare for the upcoming tick apocalypse.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, which is, apparently, a real thing, say they have found a deer tick already this year in Dakota County.

Several commenters on the post also shared stories about finding ticks already in February. One guy said he found 25 (!) ticks:

Our dog was out for an hr with me on Saturday.
We pulled 25 off him! This is not normal.
2 weeks prior in was 15 below.
I was in the woods 24-7 as a kid, had a bunch of dogs, never, ever did I ever see a tick or had one on my dog. Fast forward until about 10-15 years ago, you go out in the woods and pull 5-6 off you each time.
WCCO News says that the reason for the early emergence of the ticks this year is due to a lack of extremely cold days this winter, which would usually keep the tick population lower and keep them dormant for longer.
"Tick-borne diseases are on the rise throughout the country and here in Minnesota. We're seeing an increase in Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases out there, so it's very important that people are aware, tick aware," Alex Carlson of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District told WCCO News.
Carlson says pet owners should be vigilant in checking for ticks, even in February.
The good news? The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District said there hasn't been any sign of mosquitos... yet.


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