Times are tough for a lot of people right now. For many, they are trying to just get by and do the best they can. 

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But that’s not enough for some people and they need a helping hand. It’s a regular occurrence on any of the area Facebook pages that someone is reaching out asking for some kind of assistance, whether it be in finding a place to live for them and their kids or seeking a place to find food to help them have enough to feed their families.  

For those who might be in situations like these, there’s a community event coming up on Monday that is designed to try and give that helping hand, or at least point those in need in the right direction. 

The event will be held from 9-3 at 1114 9th Ave. Southeast in St. Cloud. 

The types of assistance that will be available on Monday will include: 

Food and Cash Programs 

Child Care Assistance 




Social Services Programs- which includes mental health, disability aging, and parenting 

Sherburne and Stearns County Health and Human Services will be on hand to offer guidance and help. This event is open to residents of Stearns, Sherburne and Benton Counties.  

Those working at the event will take a break for lunch between 12 and 12:30.  

No appointment is needed for this event.  If you or someone you know would benefit from this event, please make every effort to attend and get the help you need, or at least see what is available for your situation.  

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